#3: PS Cafe @ Dempsey

I was really looking forward to going to Dempsey hill to explore all the nice cafes, and after researching online, I had at least 4 cafes from Dempsey Hill that i wanted to visit!

Dempsey hill might seem isolated but it is easy to reach this place by bus, just that you have to alight at the correct bus stop!

I met my friend Grace and toured around the area before deciding on the first cafe to hop. PS Cafe was the first one we decided on.

T: 6479 334 / 9070 8782 (for reservations)

WEEKENDS 9.30A.M - 5.00P.M
Last Food Orders 4.00P.M
Last Tea Orders 5.00P.M

WEEKDAYS 11.30A.M - 5.00P.M
Last Food Orders 4.00P.M
Last Tea Orders 5.00P.M

MON to THU and SUN 6.30P.M - 12.00A.M
Last Food Orders 10.30P.M
Last Bar Orders 11.00P.M
Last Food Orders 10.30P.M
Last Bar Orders 1.00A.M

PS Cafe Website
PS Cafe Facebook

The Place

All the cafes at dempsey are very nice, because they are modern yet close to nature. There are a lot of greens decorating PS Cafe too. It is a really nice place for tai tais to hang out, though we were just pretending to lead a tai-tai life, lol.

It is a spacious cafe, with lots of tables neatly arranged.The decor is more western than asian and it is easy to imagine you are in a western country while dining here.

The ambience here, is somewhat like an "angmoh coffeeshop". It isn't very quiet but it is very peaceful sounding. There are a lot of random chatterings but it isn't irritating.

Truthfully, I was a little disappointed with PS Cafe. It was one of the first few cafes i found to be really nice when researching online but it was only quite an average cafe with overpriced menu.

It would have been nicer if the sofa area was opened up to all the guests. Apparently it's "vip area" -_-!

However i would say the place on the whole isn't too bad, just that it has its busy hours too and like i said, crowd kills ambience so this place is more suitable for dining, not reading books and all.

The Food

Grace ordered a ice mocha, i ordered ice latte.

It wasn't too bad, but there was nothing special about it.

Anyway, there is one thing to note - this place has really weird working hours. After every "meal" timing (see above), they will close everyone's bill and try to "invite" people out. Definitely not a place to stay for long hours.

After we left PS Cafe, we still had a lot more to talk, so we moved on to another cafe! Look out for the following post~

The Menu

The Companion


{ In a nutshell }

PS Cafe is a cafe on the luxury end and it has an extensive menu. It is a place more for food than coffee and my experience was probably not a good representative of the average diners' experience. However, I might think twice about visiting PS Cafe again as the price is rather steep.