20 Cafes to Visit in Singapore

Burpple is a smart and beautiful way to remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends. The true foodies from Burpple and Cafehoppingsg have come together to suggest a list of 20 cafes you could possibly hop to for the upcoming weekends.

1. For A Gorgeous, New Experience: Necessary Provisions

This new kid on the block is one surprising little hidden gem. Tucked away in the depths of Upper Bukit Timah, Necessary Provisions is everything you'd want from a cafe. Surreal lighting, dark walls, streaming sunlight, plants, gorgeous bakes, killer iced espresso and milk, and beer on tap. It's worth the trek.

Photos by: Kenneth Loy & Jayne Tan

2. For A Happening Arts Scene: Artistry

Artistry is known for being a happening hotspot for arts events. It's where budding artists share their work, and aspiring artistes take the stage at night. This is probably the only cafe you could get service from a "cute angmoh" ;) Remember to give him a pat on the back for his passion to support the local arts scene, and of course, for serving gorgeous cups of coffee.

Photos by: Jayne Tan & Alain Foodology


3. For All Things Coffee: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

While quickly becoming a coffee institution, CSHH still manages to be a cosy space. The gorgeously modified industrial-chic interior of this old hardware store provides the perfect setting for enjoying a good cup of coffee. If you're feeling adventurous, give their galvanized ale a try- literally coffee beer. It's strangely good!

Photos by: Eskay Kang & Yingxuan Quek


4. For Great Coffee, Eggs, and Hospitality: The Plain

The Plain aims to be the kind of place that feels like "stepping into a friend's home". You'd be hard-pressed to find better service than what you'd get here, and that goes for the quality of your coffee too. Don't miss out on their Humpty Dumpty- come on, what's better than 2 perfectly runny eggs sitting in little cups, beckoning you to dip your little Vegemite toast soldiers in? If you're not a Vegemite fan, try their Pastrami Ciabatta.

Photos by: Jayne Tan & Zippy Lee


5. For An Escapade: La Ristrettos

Located in the most obscure place ever, La Ristrettos can be found within the maze of private clinics at Novena Medical Centre. You are in for a treat, with one of the best coffees, and latte art around. The kick - the mobile reception here is really poor (hey, it's a good thing sometimes!). Rest assured, no one can disturb your escapism.

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Photos by: Candice Cai & Cafehoppingsg


6. For Old-School Ambience: Carpenter & Cook

With desserts that are not too-perfect-to-eat but just perfectly delightful, Carpenter & Cook manages to transport you to the 50s in an unpretentious, cosy way. The old benches and their authentic cutlery creates a lovely ambience for a peaceful afternoon. Don't miss out on their Passionfruit Meringue Tart- a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Photos by: Rachel Xie & Yvonne Y


7. For The Intentional Brunch Out: The Book Cafe

The Book Cafe isn't exactly easily accessible, but its extensive brunch menu, and its consistency in food quality are the drawing factors for its regulars. A veteran in the cafe industry, it has definitely lived up to the expectations of its customers with its hearty, satisfying dishes. If you are a beginner in cafes, The Book Cafe should be your first stop.

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Photos by: Poh Peng Ric Wang & Elisha Ong


8. For a Darned Good Cafe in the East: Penny University

The warm, earnest attitude at Penny U is something you pick up on quickly once stepping into this homey space. These guys don't believe in mass production, and have a small, rotating selection of desserts from artisanal bakers around Singapore. Inspired by the cafes in London, Penny U spearheaded the cafe culture in the East, and is already highly regarded by cafe lovers- Easties and Westies alike.

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Photos by: Zhan Hao Peh & Shurong Lo


9. For A Hearty Breakfast & Waffles: Department of Caffeine

This new-ish cafe in Duxton has some of the best cafe food around, with their satisfying breakfast platter, pulled pork sandwich, and the all-time Burppler favourite- D.O.C banana rum waffles with vanilla bean ice cream. The clean, industrial look with a warm, welcoming feel makes you wanna spend the whole day here.

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Photos by: Gavin Chan & Alain Foodology


10. For the Best Coffee, Cookies & Cakes: Commune Cafe

This is probably the fifth time we are raving about Commune cafe, probably because they simply deserve the praise for their wonderfully crafted cakes, cookies and coffee. With extremely affordable prices, you should just try everything on display, and don't miss out on their Caramel Latte. Pop by for a break if you're at Millenia Walk!

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Photos by: Lina Yong & Cafehoppingsg


11. For A Chilled-out Weekend: Loysel's Toy

Loysel's Toy by Papa Palheta is one of those places you never would expect to find in a warehouse at Kampong Bugis, but it's a lovely place for breakfast, brunch or tea. With excellent coffee and a simple but wholesome menu, Loysel's is just an awesome place to chill.

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Photos by: Andy Fong & Geraldine Tay


12. For An Artsy Ambience: Cups N Canvas

The idea of combining an art class centre and a cafe, is ingenious. This is how Cups N Canvas has set itself apart from the hundreds of other cafes. If you think arts is the only thing they specialize in, you'd be pleasantly surprised with their delicious Blanc Bacon pasta, and fragrant Cafe Latte. Cups N Canvas seems to have it all. You can literally smell art in this cafe.

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Photos by: Nerissa Ng


13. For Buttermilk Waffles: Strangers' Reunion

We have to say that Strangers' Reunion simply does the best waffles in Singapore. Don't let that distract you from the amazing cup of coffee you're bound to get here, seeing it comes from our National Barista Champion, Ryan Tan. You won't be disappointed.
 *Strangers' has recently renovated, go check out their new menu and bigger space!

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Photos by: Cafehoppingsg & Gninethree


14. For Chocolate Heaven: Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

This is a chocolate lover's heaven- a cosy and intimate cafe in Robertson Quay that serves to-die-for chocolate treats. From their famed soufflé, to their tarts, hand-made ice cream and cakes, you're sure to find something that will satisfy. Although the soufflé needs a baking time of 15- 30 minutes, remember that good things are always worth the wait.

Photos by: Veelynn Chew


15. For Green Grass and Fresh Air: Riders Cafe

Although slightly pricier than a usual cafe, it's easy to understand why. It's always a privilege to be able to spend your Saturday morning watching horses in a vast green expanse, while digging into a refreshing bowl of bircher museli and fresh berries. Coming to Riders is always a nice treat after a week of hard work.
*Riders was closed in the month of July, and is reopening in August, yay!

Photos by:C L & Nerissa Ng


16. For the Best Gourmet Cakes: Patisserie G

With each cake like an artpiece, it takes a foodie about 20 shots before willing to dig in. Each mouthful tastes like heaven, and every single detail is meticulously taken care of, contributing to the burst of sensations on the tongue. Don't miss their playfully named G-Spot chocolate cake, or the awesome-sounding Triomphe caramel cake.
* Tip: If you specially request for the rare 3D latte art from the head barista, you might just be lucky enough to get it ;)

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Photos by: Gavin Chan & Cafehoppingsg


17. For A Retro Getaway: Orange Thimble

Located in the retro-hip TIong Bahru, Orange Thimble is a true gem, with amazing interior and delightful snacks. With a story behind its founding, you'd be glad to discover some footprints of the past in Tiong Bahru. This is the place to enjoy some teatime snacks, and awesome ice-blended coffee on a hot day in a quaint neighborhood.

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Photos by: Shurong Lo & Ivan Quek


18. For a Quiet Hideout: Oriole Coffee Roasters

You'll almost always get a perfect cup of coffee at Oriole's. Just off the Keong Saik stretch, this hidden gem is a nice, quiet hideout perfect for some studying, reading, relaxing or catching up with a good friend.

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Photos by: Nerissa Ng & Isaac Timothy T


19. For a Lively Hangout: Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Serving authentically delicious coffee, Dutch Colony is a true hidden dragon in the mass of specialty stalls in the modern wet market, PasarBella. After a day of shopping for groceries, and browsing through tons of fresh food, grab a coveted seat amidst the crowd, and unwind in this indie setup.

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Photos by: Uncle Oonteng & Raymond Tan


20. For The Cafe Antagonists: 49 Seats

For those of you who have never quite believed in flashy cafes, you can have exactly what you want in 49 Seats - pure good "Western" food. Their Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce is one dish that can never go wrong, along with their famed Tom Yam Seafood Pasta.

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Photos by: Rachel Pek & Dixon Chan


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Hence (Chubby Botak Koala) said...

Thanks, what a nice way to sums up the cafe scene in Singapore.
Two thumbs up for your block.


Aaron said...

I enjoyed my time at Carpenter & cook, the passionfruit meringue tart was awesome. Stranger's Reunion is awesome but i feel their new bigger outlet next door is too modernized, prefer their old small location, Chye Seng Huat IS overrated, the ambience there is fake & pretentious and service really sucks to the max. Books Cafe is super cosy and great service.

Jovena said...

Hello Aaron! thanks for your comment! good to hear some personal experiences from the readers as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jovena,

I just wanted to say that the picture on the left for #2 is a pie made by Windowsill. Perhaps you want to find another pic instead? (Although I also know that Windowsill sells its pies elsewhere).

And Books Cafe service is really good. I got offered chips for waiting too long. I can't even imagine how anyone will do this in Singapore.

Jovena said...

Hello! Definitely took in your advice. Found another picture under Artistry as well :)

dollin roses said...

Hey ,dont mind me asking ,
is the cafe halal ? :)

Jovena said...

Hello! some cafes are halal while some aren't, hope you could call up the cafe and ask before heading down! :)

Symphony of Love said...

Thank you for this wonderful list of cafes to visit in Singapore. It never came across to me before that there are such wonderful cafes in Singapore. Have to pay visit to some of them on my next trip back to Singapore.

Amzzaaa said...

also check plain vanilla...its v artistically decorated...will be a lovely place for art lovesr and it has freshest lovely cupcakes...@tiong bahru

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