#48: La Ristrettos @ Novena

I always thought that semi industrial area like Jalan Besar and Farrer Park are the most unimaginable areas for cafe setups, until I met La Ristrettos at Novena Medical Centre. The whole building houses nothing but private clinics and this cafe is smacked awkwardly in the maze of clinics. If you really need a conducive place for reading or work, you will find it perfect here. They serve very decent coffee with super pretty latte art so don't miss out on that!

10 Sinaran Drive #08-37
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 7165

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00
Sat: 08:00 - 13:00

La Ristrettos facebook

The Place

 photo P1170465.jpg

 photo P1170466.jpg
The striking colours go really well with the wooden design and I love the overall look of it. It really reminds me so much of what Aussie cafes would be like.

 photo P1170467.jpg

 photo P1170469.jpg

 photo P1170470.jpg
The view to the garden outside adds a feel of tranquility to the cafe. They have seats in this alfresco garden area, if you need some fresh air in the morning!

 photo P1170484.jpg

 photo P1170502.jpg

 photo P1170506.jpg
Love the fake brick wall which makes the cafe look foreign and interesting.

 photo P1170507.jpg
Since it is so hidden, the traffic is sparse and you will be able to enjoy your coffee and meal comfortably without fear of loud laughters or squealing babies.

The Food

 photo P1170481.jpg
I ordered a Cafe Latte. It is quite strong and rich but it doesn't leave behind any bitter aftertaste. I love how it is fragrant and tasty yet really gentle on the tongue! Lovely brew there. 

 photo P1170473.jpg

 photo P1170478.jpg
Beautiful latte art that made my morning.

 photo P1170496.jpg
I also ordered a Panini Cotoletta. I would imagine the Panini bread to be the flat kind because it was like that at most places which I've tried previously. However, this one is quite different.

 photo P1170497.jpg
The chicken is fried to perfect crispiness and it is not too salty or oily. The salty mayo and soft avocado on top adds on to the moisture and flavour of the dish. I would say that it was alright and I would be excited to try the other dishes the next time I come by.

 photo P1170500.jpg
The wild garden salad at the side is one of the more decent tasting ones. No weird bitter taste and the dressing is nice.

The Menu

 photo P1170485.jpg  photo P1170486.jpg  photo P1170487.jpg  photo P1170488.jpg  photo P1170489.jpg  photo P1170490.jpg  photo P1170491.jpg  photo P1170492.jpg

{ In a nutshell }

I really love the interior of La Ristrettos and I would come back any time! The great coffee, good offering of food and great service have made my experience a super good one. It has definitely made the list of my favourite cafes. Moreover, it is a laptop friendly cafe, though the wifi and 3G reception here is quite weak. As it was my first time, the friendly staff gave me a 10% discount. I am also glad to say that this is another tax-free cafe! I strongly urge you to explore this cafe, and I promise that you would love the beauty of its secret location!

 photo P1170471.jpg

 photo P1170499.jpg
 photo P1170476.jpg


  1. Hi there,

    I recently went to this café. It was really nice and cosy. But sadly, they do not provide wifi :( Might want to change the tag? Anyway great blog here, really enjoy reading and hopping around cafes too.

  2. Hey,

    Any idea what kind of music they play here? And if possible, do you have any suggestions for cafes that plays 70/80/90s music? Thanks!


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