#8 - Loysel's Toy @ Lavender

I would rank, Loysel's Toy Cafe as the most interesting cafe that I've visited so far.

Hidden in a place where no one would expect to find anything cool, this cafe is really one good
place for friends hangouts and dates.

However this place is known for its coffee rather than the food.

66 Kampong Bugis, Ture, #01-01
Singapore 338987
Near: Lavender MRT

Tel: 94510236
Opening hours:
Tues - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00 - 19:30

Loysel's Toy Website
Loysel's Toy Facebook page

The Place

It's really not hard to get there if you know where Crawford bridge is (in between Kallang and Lavender MRT). From there, you just have to cross this small bridge over the Kallang river stream and you will find this sole white building on your left and tada.. Loysel's Toy Cafe on the first floorth.

The cafe has a lot of seats, because of its huge alfresco area. The indoor seats with ac are fewer.


We chose the center table and the ambience surrounding us was really nice. We felt carefree and we were able to talk without worrying that the patrons beside us were eavesdropping on us. There were loud chatterings all around so it sounded really cosy.

The decor on the whole is simple and down to earth. There is a very nice rustic feel to the place. The smell of coffee in the indoors was also nice.

They even have a HUGE retro-looking coffee machine!

More apparatus

The Food

I ordered a Ice Cafe Mocha and Grace ordered a Ice Cafe Latte.
This place is supposedly known for its coffee, but it was... just as unique as other coffee places.

I would guess the reasons to be:
1. We ordered cold coffee.
2. We do not know how to appreciate this kind of coffee.

As for the food, there weren't many choices on the menu, so i went with Ham sandwich and Grace picked the Chicken sandwich.

This is the chicken sandwich. Chicken was ok, the mango that came with it was DAMN nice. It really made the entire taste a lot more special.. There was supposed to be some curry mayonaise sauce but we really couldn't taste any of it.

The ham sandwich wasn't too bad either. Ham was salty enough, otherwise, the taste of the sandwich would be close to boring. It's just like any other normal ham sandwich but at least the portion was reasonable. The ingredients came in generous servings, which is a plus point.

One bad point about the sandwich is the bread. It was really too hard. We were like cutting cooked beef.

The chips were quite hard and not very tasty too.

The Menu

The cafe's food and drinks are really affordable, most are under 10, so you won't feel the pinch (that much).

The Companion


{ In a nutshell }

Loysel's Toy is a really good find and it has a huge potential to draw crowds here for brunches and afternoon coffee. I suggest that you try the hot coffee as they are known for their coffee beans and roasting of the beans and the cold coffees might have been incapable of expressing that strength. Also, the sandwiches are just mediocre because of the hard bread but you could try the chicken sandwich as the ingredients are really unique!

Also, you should check out the cool stores and restaurant at the other levels of the building - you would be surprised!