#52: Penny University @ Katong

Hidden away from the centre of the Katong area, Penny University is indeed a worthy discovery. Even though this cafe is perpetually crowded on a weekend, I still love it for its indie ambience, very affordable prices, delicious drinks and laptop-friendly facilities! I can't seem to find any flaws about this place, except that it is crowded, which isn't a bad news for the cafe anyway. I highly recommend you this cafe!

402 East Coast Road
Singapore 428997
Tel: 9008 9314

Opening Hours:
Mon - Closed
Tues-Thurs: 8:30 - 18:00
Fri-Sat: 8:30 - 00:00
Sun: 8:30 - 22:30

Penny University website
Penny University facebook

The Place

 photo P1170758.jpg
Right from its door steps, it has already created a rustic feel with vintage furniture and simple bronze coloured door frame.

If not for the hot weather, I might just sit at this "alfresco" area and watch the afternoon go by!

 photo P1170757.jpg
I really liked how they pay attention to the details. The bike stands at its doors, as well as benches are functional, yet decorative.

 photo P1170761.jpg

 photo P1170760.jpg
The cafe philosophy. Interesting!

 photo P1170770.jpg

 photo P1170797.jpg
As I was there for the entire afternoon to their closing time, I tried to avoid being a hogger by sitting at one corner of this communal table. In fact, I stayed so long only for the crowd to leave so I could get some nice shots of the cafe.

 photo P1170796.jpg
I like this layout, really cosy and photogenic.

 photo P1170795.jpg
Its dark yellow lights gave a very relaxed ambience to the place and it makes a perfect place to catchup with friends or enjoy good food with your date.

 photo P1170773.jpg

The Food

 photo P1170767.jpg
As usual, I ordered a Cafe Latte and though it is priced at average, I thought it came in a pretty small size. However, the taste made up for it. It was smooth and had a roasty after taste.

 photo P1170766.jpg

 photo P1170788.jpg
Later in the afternoon I ordered a Cheesie Toastie with Marmite and Poached Eggs. The toast met my expectations and the marmite spread was really nice. The salad was nice too. Overall, I wouldn't say it is a must try, but this is is enough for you to get by tea time!

 photo P1170789.jpg

 photo P1170783.jpg
Lastly, an Iced Chocolate! This is one drink which I would rave about! I haven't really found any place which sells real good Iced Chocolate before Penny University. The chocolate sauce was thick, yet not too gooey. After mixing with the milk, it formed a really nice rich chocolatey flavour. It taste fuller than chocolate milk, and carries the smoothness of a chocolate shake. Really delicious!

 photo P1170786.jpg

 photo P1170794.jpg

The Menu

 photo P1170776.jpg
Glad to say, nothing above $10 and no GST and service charge!

{ In a nutshell }

Penny University is definitely one of my top picks for cafes! If you are looking for a place which gives you a hearty brunch without burning your pocket, I would say this is it! I would definitely revisit on a weekday if possible, to enjoy its ambience during its quiet hours!

 photo P1170800.jpg

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  1. Cant seem to view the photos! :(

  2. Hi, I havent been to Penny U but was browsing around their website and found their menu on their page. Hope it will be of use to you. (:


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