#2 - Cafe Fables @ Haji Lane {CLOSED}

*Cafe Fables has ceased operations*

Shops in Haji lane are very cool. There is access to even the 2nd floorth and all the shops there are really nicely decorated.

This cafe is really lucky to have such a suitable shop space for nice decorations and even nice stairs.

Cafe Fables and Bar Stories
55 – 57 Haji Lane
Tel: +65 6298 0838
Opening hours: 
Sunday – Tuesday 11am – 8pm
Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 1am

A Thousand Tales (Furniture Store - all the furnitures at the cafe are on sale)
Opening hours: 
Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm, 
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 6pm

Check out more info here

I went on a weekday afternoon with my friend, Shara.

In this cafe, all the furniture are very cool and though they are all of such different designs, when they are all put together, it all looked good! It forms a really diverse interior!

What's even cooler, is that all the furniture are on sale. All have a price tag attached, and you will realise how expensive the chair you are sitting on man.

The Place

Level 1

If they serve main courses, it would be nice to gather with classmates in such a nice cafe.

they even provide books for customers to read books on a nice afternoon during tea.

Level 2

Even the washroom is super cool! Open air (of course closed though) and very bright, clean, yet "close to nature"

The Food

Shara ordered a tiramisu cake. I haven't tried a lot of tiramisu cakes before, but this is really a very good one and it's the best one i've tasted so far.

Very soft cake, the chocolate is not too sweet and just chocolaty enough and the cream is a little salty and sweet, a really very good combination!

I ordered a Iced Mocha and I wasn't too happy with the drink.

It wasn't chocolaty at all and the coffee wasn't not rich at all. The entire glass tasted like those cheap coffees you get at average restaurants.

The choices of drinks available is really limited. If only they sold more popular drinks like ice blended coffee or soda drinks!

The Menu


The price is rather steep, and the choices on the menus are still short. No finger food..

The Companion


{ In a nutshell }

This cafe will be a really good one if they really improve on their drinks and widen the variety of food they provide. Really love the interior and ambience, though!