#5 - Prive Cafe @ Keppel Bay

Went to Prive at Keppel Bay one fine afternoon! It takes about a 10 minutes walk through a high end residential estate from the bus stop to Keppel Island.

My girls and i arrived at the beautiful Keppel Island and found Prive immediately. It faces the yatch parking lots and it's the biggest cafe/restaurant there. It serves a good variety of cakes and drinks - a criteria for a good afternoon tea place!

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Tel: +65 6776 0777

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun: 9.00am - 12.00am (last order 10.30pm)

Prive Website
Prive Facebook

The Place

The alfresco area is for the bar.

The interior is rather small and a big group of officeladies/gentlemen who took up one big area of the cafe prevented me from taking a good photo of the place.

The design of the cafe is rather classic and simple, something that adults would like. Youngsters might find it boring and not exactly attractive. It was too simple for my liking but it still makes a good place for simple gatherings.

The Food

We ordered several items. Each of us ordered one cake and 4 of us shared 2 drinks. We kept within a budget of $10 too!


Cheese cake. Really light and sweet and nice!

Carrot cake. Tastes rather special and it is on the light side.

Chocolate / hazelnut cake (sorry i can't remember clearly!). Very very chocolaty. Not suitable if you are feeling heaty!

Chocolate muffin. Probably one of the cheapest thing on the menu!
It is very sweet and tasty making it an outstanding muffin.

Chocolate crunch milkshake.
Very chocolaty and thick! Really thick. They seem to have made it from ice cream.

Bailey's Irish Cream milkshake. It wasn't chocolaty enough...

The milkshakes are a little expensive but it's good enough for sharing because they come in a big glass.

The Menu

The Companions

{ In a nutshell }

Since Prive is located at such an "atas" place, the menu is also on the expensive side. Most of the items are rather pricey but drinks are affordable.

If you are craving for a high life and spending a good afternoon at a more peaceful side of Singapore, Prive is the place to go.


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