#7 - Kith Cafe @ Robertson Quay

Kith Cafe is REALLY small. There is only one long table and 2 small tables INSIDE the shop space. It's really such a simple place, i get attracted to it even though it isn't very comfortable. However, one must not belittle the quality of the food served here!

7 Rodyk Street
Watermark at Robertson Quay (under a condo)
Tel: 6341 9407

Opening hours: Everyday from 7am to 7pm
Kith Cafe website
Kith Cafe Facebook

The Place

We tried to get the riverside seats because the indoor seat is too cramp. After shifting about several times, we decided to go back in.

The good thing about sitting outside - natural breeze and nice river view
The good thing about sitting inside - aircon, very nice relaxed ambience and music

We went for the latter, and we went home reeking of the smell of the restaurant. Lol.

View from outside.

The riverside seats!

I think what's special about this place, is the blackboard. So old school, so simple, yet so cool and attractive!

Also, they will be saving cost on the printing of menu, because they can change their menu on the blackboard anytime they like!

The smaller seats at the other side.

Cute angmoh family.

The Food

Watermelon Lychee blend. Tasted a lot like watermelon juice. It was so-so.

Mint citrus earl grey lavender tea. Very refreshing taste, very cooling and fragrant! Recommended!

Vanilla maple banana milkshake. It's a fine drink, sweet, light (not too milky) and taste more of banana. Would be nicer if there was more maple and vanilla sweet taste!

Crispy bacon sandwich!
Didn't taste this, but Nicholas said it was nice. It doesnt look like a huge portion but he said it was filling!

They use sea salt, how cool.

Big breakfast! Eggs changed to poached eggs. the poached eggs looked really cool.

The sausage is freaking awesome man!!!!!! Super juicy, salty and tasty! Just my kind of food!

My spaghetti chicken pesto! It was steaming hot when it was served to me.

Really generous on the chicken meat. It is really nice! Though it looks green, but the taste is really, JUST RIGHT. The pasta noodles is very well cooked, just bouncy and elastic, the taste is just salty and very tasty.
Loved it.

And i must totally mention this...

Their awesome cookies! only 2 for 50c!
The guys didn't like it, but i really loved it. It has a really unique taste, not really like the famous amos kind of taste. We could not draw a parallel to other cookies and it's hard to guess what it is made of!

It is very crispy and soft at the same time, probably because they use a lot of flour in the recipe.
It disintegrates in your mouth instantly.

The taste is not too sweet, and there is really this taste which I cannot describe. Really intriguing!

Macchiato. Very photogenic. heh.

Roast beef sandwich. Marcus said it's mediocre.

The Menu

The Companions

{ In a nutshell }

Kith Cafe is a very good find and it is worth travelling that far for Kith! The food is delicious on the average and the drinks are interesting and creative. The menu and taste is very unique to Kith and despite its small scale, the quality of food and service is extremely satisfactory! Will sure be visiting it again.

By the way!

Robertson Quay is also where the famous colourful bridge is located at.
It's really freaking nice. I like it so much!