#10 - 15 Minutes @ Laselle {closed}

*15 Minutes has ceased operations*

Hidden within the campus of Laselle College is a cool concept cafe called 15 minutes. It is fortunate to have a big store space to play around with its interior and it is one of the few cafes which serves very tasty food.

Blk D #01-01 Mcnally Street, Lasalle College of the Arts
Singapore 187940
Tel: 6333 5915

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thurs 11:15 to 23:00
Fri 11:15 to 24:00
Sat 11:15 to 23:00

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The Place

The building itself is of a very special shape, not surprised because it is part of an art campus. I really liked how it looked on the exterior.

It is usually crowded during meal times as it is rather famous. Also not surprising, because the food is good!

15 minutes also has a stage for performances, but no guarantee that the performers are good :/ haha

Cool looking canteen format when it's empty!

The ambience is good for a class gathering, especially because of the large tables suitable for groups. You won't be afraid to make noise in this crowded restaurant either.

The Food

They serve their salads in a Jar, which is really special. You can shake the jar to mix the sauce with the veggie.
We ordered Greek Caesar Salad and surprisingly, the sauce was very nice and the salad was very enjoyable.. I am not a fan of raw veggie but i liked this salad.

Usually i won't order salad because it's not really logical to pay the price of a main to eat a few strands of raw veg but i think this salad is worth the price.

Oriental Duck Thin Crust Pizza is one of their more famous pizza/dish. It is really very unique and it tastes good!!! The moist mandarin orange pieces on the pizza gave a really sweet flavour to the pizza, very appetizing. Cashew nuts and egg also gave a good fragrance and variety of texture to the crispy pizza.

I am also not a fan of duck meat, but the meat they use didn't have any weird taste of duck and it was  rather tender. (only some unlucky pieces were overcooked)

I really liked it.

I went for the sambal chicken thigh because i am a fan of sambal chilli and it sounded really delicious on the menu. The chilli was rather spicy but it went well with the chicken.

Sadly, they did not cook the rice to its best. It was a little too dry. The sides like tomato pineapple salsa, french beans and tempe all tasted weird! Didn't match with the dish and didn't taste nice either.

The cheese fries came in quite a good portion and it was delicious too.

Passionfruit italian soda. Quite nice and sweet.

There are many items on the menu and it is a place I would revisit to try the other dishes.

The Menu

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The Companions

{ In a nutshell }

I would highly recommend this cafe as the ambience and food are both very good. Nothing like a coffee place for books and quiet chats, but a really good option for gatherings and sumptuous! Be there with a big group to try all the different kind of food!