#11 - 7 KICKstart Brewiches @ Armenian Place

*This cafe has shifted, review is only relevant to yesterday!*

Another hidden cafe! This cafe is really hard to find because it is tucked inside an office building and no one would expect to see a nice cafe when walking past the building. 7 KICKstart Brewiches has a very cosy ambience and serves delicious sandwiches!

71 Bras Basah Road 01-03
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore 179938
Tel: 83897877

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thurs 08:00 to 20:00
Fri 08:00 to 22:00
Sat 09:00 to 22:00

Tel: 8389 7877
7 Kickstart facebook

The Place

See what i mean? if you walk past this lobby, you wouldn't even take a second look on your right so likely you are going to miss this cafe.

It isn't exactly hard to find this building. It is just opposite The Substation, which is where famous pub, Timbre, is located.

I think 7Kickstart Brewiches is a cool cafe, but it is not making use of marketing techniques sufficiently. Its attractiveness on the exterior is low, somewhat like a good book with a bad cover.

One thing that restaurants and cafes should never neglect is its door/entrance. It is the very first thing patrons see and it must look very welcoming and be compatible with its theme.

Besides, its logo can also be improved because 7 KICKstart BREWiches does sound rather unique but its design must improve to make it work.

Despite the exterior, its interior is very welcoming and cosy, with some sofa seats and Caucasian style tall chairs and tables.

There are also many interesting displays, most are linked to coffee.

Some other interesting displays that are old-school themed.

The Food

I forgot what this was, apologies.

Olivia ordered the salmon sandwich. It had a special name but I forgotten the exact name.

The taste was quite good! A very unique recipe, because i haven't seen this kind of sandwich anywhere else.

The presentation was also quite interesting. They served it straight on the baking tray. It also looked like they spent some time to stack all the ingredients up like that.

Jocelyn ordered the beef burger and i must say this burger is one of a kind! I've never seen any cafes presenting their burgers like that. Looked like the burger was murdered. Rather amusing.


I cannot eat beef so i don't know how it taste like. Jocelyn said it is not bad.

The drinks were also very special, served in measuring cups. This also meant that the portion was big, attractive to those who find cafe drinks expensive.

I ordered mint float but i didn't really like how it tastes like cough syrup. I wouldn't really recommend this drink.

The others tried their milkshakes and it was quite good.

The Menu

Sadly, i forgot about taking photo of the menu but it was also probably because i was irritated with the design of the menu too. The categories were not obvious and despite their effort to make it interesting by including a lot of write ups, it instead, made it too difficult to read. The names of the food and price was hard to locate.

The prices are very reasonable here though!

The Companions


{ In a nutshell }

Overall, i would think this cafe is a good place to visit for lunch/dinner and I am actually quite excited about going back again to try their other food as well :) The ambience was normal but it is a cosy place, definitely.


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