#13 - The Little Bookshop @ Siglap {CLOSED}

*This cafe has ceased operations*

I was actually on my way to check out Cheesecake Cafe, mentioned to me quite a few times by my friends.

However, i saw a chalkboard just before the cafe and it pointed in to a really striking red door. I knew i found a treasure immediately.

687a East Coast Road, Level 2
Singapore 459055
Tel: 66773083

Opening hours: 
Wed - Thu: 12:00 - 21:00
Fri: 13:00 - 22:00
Sat: 10:30 - 22:00
Sun: 10:30 - 21:00

The Little Bookshop Facebook

The Place

I really like how they made the door to look so attractive in the English style, and remember what i said about the importance of doors.

Behind the stubborn creaky door is a stairway and wow, i really love the feeling of suspense as i took the steps up.

This place actually sells books and the cafe seems more like a sideline, so as to provide the readers some refreshments while they spend their day reading there. I went in the morning so I was the first and only customer there.

I really wonder, because it's so well-hidden, do they really earn enough to pass the day?

The interior was very straightforward, yet cosy.

Freaky santa :(

Though the interior is rather different from the usual kind i like, but the sincerity to put up the place into somewhere cosy for people to read comfortably really made me feel very at home.

I was there alone but the place really made me enjoy SOLITARY so much! I felt like a kid exploring a new place and getting awed by small little things. Rather nostalgic, and it does remind me of primary school a little.

The Food

Because it wasn't a planned trip, I really did not expect anything from the food, but i was so so wrong.

This small little Orange Kissed Brownie really surprised me! It was served straight from the fridge so it was still cold and a little hard.

After the coldness melts in the mouth within 1second, the mixed taste of chocolate, a tint of orange and crunchy sugar bits immediately explodes. It was so good!

The brownie was really so soft it was almost inexistent, so the taste of the chocolate and orange bits were the majority. Definitely a must try for sweet toothed!

Not to mention, this brownie was only $2!!!!!!!!!!

I believe the white layer is a mix of orange flavour and sugar.

This was the only thing i tried but I am curious about its other menu items too! Shall go back again if i pass by!

The Menu

Besides the brownie, the rest are rather cafe-pricey but i think they do not carry service tax.

 Some set deals as well!

The Companion

Was actually waiting for Celine at the cafe..

{ In a nutshell }

The Little Bookshop cafe is not your typical cafe, neither was it made to be, but the cosy interior and furniture makes one feel really at home. The orange kissed brownie left me missing it from time to time. If you  live in the area, maybe you can drop by for a morning coffee and sweets while it is still empty!

Goodbye to the door!