#9 - Shots @ Ann Siang Hill {MOVED}

*Note that Shots has moved to a new location as stated in the details, this review is of relevance to yesterday!*

Ann Siang Hill is slowly becoming a secretly popular hangout.. With such a nice cafe marking the entrance of the small lane, it's bound to attract those who seek this kind of cool places!

*Details updated*
90, Club Street
Singapore 069458
Tel: 6224 9259

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 09:00 - 21:00
Fri: 10:00 - 00:00
Sat: 12:00 - 00:00
Shots Website
Shots Facebook

The Place

I take a liking to cafes with simplistic concepts and i would think shots is a really good example of such.

Simple layout always give a really nice cosy feel!

The Food

Beef lasagne. Grace said it was a little too sour and it was just average..

I took the special menu item for that day and it was Japanese curry with fried chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet was over fried so it was rather dry and hard and the curry was a little on the sour side as well.

I guess a cafe is still a cafe. Shots isn't doing very well for the food.

On to the drinks.

Cold hazelnut latte. I like the presentation of the drink though the taste was normal.

Grace with the Hot version of the same drink. She liked it though!

Packaging is everything (almost!). Even though the drink wasn't exactly super delicious or special, the appearance is really pleasant to the eyes and it increases its attractiveness by a huge chunk.

The Menu

(the menu wasn't really visible because the text are really small, especially the descriptions!)

I would say, the price is quite a pinch for the quality~

The Companion

{ In a nutshell }

Overall verdict is that, Shots is a nice place for friends to have a nice catch up, and thumbs up for its design and ambience, but there's not much hype about the food and drinks!


  1. Hi!do you know that shots have moved to 90 club street?it's just a stone throw away from it's previous location.

  2. Thanks for letting us know! We will update the info!


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