#15 - L'etoile Cafe @ Farrer Park

L'etoile Cafe is a gem in the hidden streets of Farrer Park. A cafe that is secluded, has nice environment and comfortable seats, has free in house wifi, offers affordable food and provides excellent service, it is a must-visit for everyone who loves cafes!

160 Owen Road
Singapore 281953
Tel: 6298 2872

Opening hours: 
Tue - Sun: 0900 - 2000

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I wanted to explore the city outskirts so i stopped along Jalan Besar (road) and walked towards my destination. I walked passed interesting shophouse estates but there was a mix of some pretty ones and run down ones.

As i walked along Owen road, i passed many electronics and hardware shops and though i knew I was on the correct road, the looks of the place totally did not give a clue about the nice cafe in the vicinity.

A really nice row of shophouse.

Then finally, after the 20mins walk under the hot sun, i found the treasure! Was extremely excited so i snapped a few shots of its alfresco first before entering the indoors, even though the heat almost killed me.

The Place

The interior is really nice, very home-like! What's more - there's two storeys to this place! I was almost disappointed when i found the first level to be full, then i realized there is a second level! \o/

Super like this image, it gives off such a retro and Victorian feel.

As you can see, they put in quite a lot of effort to do the place up, with nice paintings on the wall and furniture of all sorts lighting up the place.

I was really pleased with the ambience (there was nice japanese/english songs playing over the speakers!) and the cafe scored higher than I expected for its interior  (though it is made up of really random furniture!)

Anyway, i visited the cafe alone and i was completely in my world as i plugged in to Priscilla Ahn's soothing music. I really like the feeling, that no one is disturbing, and i am just on my own enjoying my personal time, doing nothing but just listening to music in a nice environment. You should really try this some time!

The Food

Though i would usually try the coffee, the day was really too hot and i was tempted into buying iced soda so i picked Kiwi Soda.

It really looks better than it tastes... Hah. It was just a very plain drink and not really sweet.

I also ordered waffle with rocky road ice cream. I like how they put in the effort to make it so pretty, but sadly the ice cream wasn't very nice because it wasn't chocolaty enough. The waffle was a little too hard too.

Later in the evening, i decided to give its sandwiches a chance so i picked ciabatta apricot roast chicken.
It was very delicious! Finally something really decent on the menu.

The apricot gave a sweet taste on some lucky mouthfuls, and the chicken was savoury and tasty. The bread was also fresh and fragrant.

Overall, I would say the food is passable but the sandwich is definitely worth trying!

The Menu


What's better is that this cafe offers reallyyyy affordable prices and i like how it doesn't exploit customers!

{ In a nutshell }

Overall, I would really like to give L'etoile Cafe a high rating because of its ambience and interior, but I would say there is room for improvement for the food. It's a should-visit! :)

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  1. Guess u missed another indie cafe call The Broers Cafe when u were on your way to L'etoile Cafe. Broers at Petain Road is located very near to the swings and floral motif shop houses in your first 2 pictures. Do pay a visit to Broers next time when u're on a cafe hopping trip!

  2. I came looking for some peace and quiet, a place to enjoy a nice cuppa and good company. Alas, my first visit was horrendously marred by 2 families having a get-together with all of their 6 children in tow. The supposedly quiet cafe turned into a playground with children running all over the upper floor, shrieking away at some points.
    The cafe seems to have a family-friendly environment. If you are looking for a nice quiet place to hole up in, you may want to reconsider coming here.


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