#16 - Maison Ikkoku @ Bugis

Another boutique cafe situated amongst shophouses at Arab street area. It's away from the main streets and the beautiful shophouse is really a pleasant find.

20 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198885

Opening hours: 
Mon-Thur: 9am~9pm
Fri-Sat: 9am~11pm
Sun: 9am~7pm

Tel: 62940078
Maison Ikkoku Website
Maison Ikkoku Facebook

The Place

It is a really simple cafe, secluded enough for a nice cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon. The comfortable sofa seats and nice ambience makes it extremely conducive for doing work, especially when there is free wifi in the cafe!

The shop is interesting because it made use of many unusual items as decoration. For example, they hang cupboards on the wall as display cases and use copper pipes and lightbulbs as their wall lights.

The magazine "rack" was nice, everything was placed neatly in a line.

The inner corner of the shop, also made use of old furniture and simplistic decorations.

This alfresco seat is the most special.... they used an old door as a table (!!!) How creative and environmental-friendly is that!

The Food

I ordered the Cafe Latte, which had a very balanced taste of coffee. It wasn't too strong and there was a slight bitter aftertaste. I couldn't bear drinking the coffee because of the really pretty latte art. However, the drink was not really hot, and I wonder if it's because they took a while to make the art. The coffee would be nicer if they serve it hotter.

That was all i ordered for that lazy evening.

The Menu

{Im sorry i forgot the menu!}

{ In a nutshell }

Maison Ikkoku is located at the edge of the city and it is very accessible from Victoria Street. Even so, it is nicely hidden in the shophouses at the suburb in a street you least expect any thing to be found. Its interesting interior made from mostly recycled furniture gave a really good touch to its stylish concept. If you would like to hide from the buzz of the city after a day of shopping, Maison Ikkoku is the place to go.

More photos...

There is a bar on the 2nd level, really nice cozy place for a drink.

I really liked what was written on this page, try applying it to yourself, when you start working.
"...rather define our work than let any old job define us"

The vicinity is rather authentic too. One of the prettiest mosque around and it even has interchanging coloured lights.

An 80s toy museum in the area. A wonderful place to bring the '00s kids who play nothing but computer games.

It is a really pretty shophouse but couldn't take a pretty shot because of the car parked in front of it.