#17 - Broadway Cafe @ Duxton Hill {CLOSED}

*Broadway Cafe has ceased operations*

Broadway Cafe is located at Duxton Hill, one of the shophouse area populated with cafes. This cafe serves really good food at reasonable prices and has very comfortable seats. A really nice and cozy hangout place with friends.

15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481
Tel: 62246131

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 01:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 03:00
Sun: 11:00 - 19:00

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The Place

This cafe is good, but the crowd is really too sparse for the business. I went during lunch time but there was only me and my friend there. I think it might be because of the shopfront, even though it doesn't look too bad. It is not that noticeable, even the signboard of the nextdoor office is more obvious than the words "broadway cafe". Maybe the cafe would be more noticeable if the sign was in some other colour (gold would fit!)!

The most noticeable decor in the cafe was probably this big mirror with lightbulbs. If you noticed, the first half of the shop is long but narrow, and with the mirror, it creates a space illusion.

Really loved the comfortable couches. The colours match rather well!

The Food

Ordered a coffee and realised they used the traditional black coffee. It has a very old school taste and it was a little too strong for my liking. It is something I will not order again!

We ordered some fried chicken with a special name called "Chicken Run". It was really delicious! Very well fried, crispy on the outside and very tasty and tender on the inside! The marination is really good, just nicely salted. Highly recommended!

We also ordered a dessert to share.

It's called "The Fruit Salad Show" but it's actually fruits mixed with ice cream and cornflakes. The ice cream was really sweet and delightful. The fruits inside like berry, apple & peach added a fruity sweetness to it. The fruits curbed the gelat-ness of the sweet ice cream and the crispy bits of cornflakes gave a more crunchy taste to the dessert. Overall, it's a very good mix and it will definitely be all girls' favourite!

Savouring every bit!

We shared a Chocolate Whisky Cake. The cake could be softer but it was overall, very chocolaty and not too sweet. Crunchy chocolate balls on top gave a nice taste to it.

Generally, the food was really good and i keep on craving for the Fruit Salad Show afterwards.

The Menu


The Companion

{ In a nutshell }

Genuinely, Broadway Cafe left me a very good first impression because of its tasty food which cannot be found elsewhere. Even the cakes are of very unique liqueur flavours. I would forever crave their Fruit Salad Show! It is definitely an underrated cafe as they do very little marketing and it is hidden at the most obscure end of the street. I would highly recommend you to search for it!

More photos...

 Cute tray!

Famous Pinnacle @ Duxton


  1. I love Broadway Cafe too! They are always so packed on Sat nights!


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