#19 - Toby's Estate @ Robertson Quay

Spotted along the sidewalk of Robertson Quay, Toby's Estate is one nice little cafe to spend a relaxed day of afternoon, with a cup of latte, reading a book or clicking away on your laptop.

From the outside, I wouldn't be able to tell it's a cafe and "Toby's Estate" does not suggest much about what it sells too. I walked past this store about 4, 5 times before and it never got onto my list of cafes until I read about it on the net.

I love this cafe, though it's a little pricey.

8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04
Singapore 238216
T el: 6636 7629

Opening hours: 
Mon - Wed: 07:30 - 18:00
Thu - Sat: 07:30 - 22:00
Sun: 07:30 - 18:00

Toby's Estate Website
Toby's Estate Facebook

The Place

The full length glass windows and doors, coupled with the lightings gave a bright lighting in the cafe. The whole place looked spacious and warm.

They had a long table across the centre of the cafe, something hardly seen in local cafes and restaurants. In Singapore, we are rather individualistic and we do not like to share our conversations with strangers, so even I felt a little awkward sitting there with my friend Grace, and we tried to leave seats in between us and our neighbouring patrons.

For those who like to have their own little space to do their work, they have seats looking over the Singapore river.

Authentic decorations.

Their ultra cool high tech coffee machine.

The decor is very Aussie style, no wonder as it originated from Australia. It's nice to have such a cafe for an imaginary getaway!

The Food

Grace got herself a Bacon Quiche. It was a salty and savoury tasting pie looking food. $8 for this small thing, I felt the pinch for her. The taste wasn't too bad though~

I bought a Cafe Latte, priced at $5. The size is smaller than average cups, but the pretty cafe art made the price worth. It was rather light tasting and was of a perfect blend, though I felt that there could be more fragrance to top it off.

I was a little hungry so i bought myself a Chocolate Concha which tasted quite nice. The outer bread layer was fragrant and the chocolate wasn't too sweet. However, I couldn't get over the price of $6.

A bottled juice which tasted acidic.

The Menu


The good news, GST is inclusive in the price and there's no service charge!

The Companion


{ In a nutshell }

Generally, the ambience in this cafe is good, and the bright lighting makes it a really conducive place to study, read a book or surf the net (yes, free wifi!). It is worth a 2nd visit as its coffee is affordable and the interior is cosy yet sleek.

More photos..

Loved how the brick wall made the place less Singaporean.