#20 - Talent Cafe @ Tanjong Pagar {Closed}

*Sadly, this beautiful cafe has ceased operations as of November 2013!*

I fell in love with Talent Cafe the moment I saw it. Peeking in from the outside, it looks glamorous and sleek, and never would I imagine the menu items to be really affordable.

Talent Cafe has a large shop space and it is made up of two sections adjacent to each other, one with a second level. It is really the best place to hang out on a free day.

34/36 Tras Street
Singapore 079026

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
Fri: 11:00 - 23:30
Sat: 18:00 - 23:00

Tel: 6536 7077
Talent Cafe Facebook

The Place

It is located within a beautiful white shophouse, and it extends to the adjacent shop as well.

On the first level, clean and space-friendly furniture are used to create a spacious image of the cafe, and the white themed decorations gave a really modern and sleek look to it.

When you reach the 2nd level, you will be pleasantly surprised!

The second level is nothing but glamorous. Matching cushioned seats, sofas and set tables are put together to create the high class dining feel. Artsy ceiling lights and art pieces adds on to the ambience.

I must say, space is Talent Cafe's advantage over its competitors as it can provide sufficient personal space for each table and it is not cluttered and messy.

The space also made the place extremely photogenic.

This is the other section of the cafe, mostly consisting of a bar and bistro style tables.

Really interesting and vibrant mix of colours!

I will give full marks to its interior, good combination of sleek furniture, as well as its neatness.

The Food

If you take a look at the menu, you will realize that the price is really competitive, even cheaper than most of the cafes out there!

I wasn't hungry but i got really tempted to get one item off the menu, especially seeing "banana" and "chocolate" on the same line.

The banana chocolate cake was AWESOME. The layers could be differentiated clearly and each tasted different as well. The top layer of firm chocolate was sweet and tasty, the layers of banana, cake and chocolate blended so well on the tongue, and the nuts on the base layer gave an extra kick to the texture!

I didn't get sick of it even till the very last mouthful and it's definitely on top of my list of cafe foods!

I ordered an Ice Latte as well. The coffee was quite strong and it leaves a strong aftertaste in the mouth. It wasn't sweet so I had to pour a whole minijug of sugar syrup in it. I would say the coffee is fine, not anything spectacular.

The Menu


{ In a nutshell }

Overall, Talent Cafe is really a great place with comfortable seats, cheap and good food and it is conducive for patrons who needs free wifi and power plug to do some work on the laptop! The ambience makes it extremely pleasant to spend a quiet afternoon there (usually empty!), and it will be a great place for group hangouts in the evening! This is one of the top few cafes on my list now!

More photos...

Pretty eye make up

Nice view to Tras street.


  1. Went to Talent Cafe after 6pm for dinner. Wanted to go upstairs to eat and do a bit of writing, but they said the upper floor is closed. I got conflicting information after that - not sure if it's closed at nights, or if it's closed for a function, or if they just didn't want to open it and limit all wait service to only downstairs... They wouldn't let us go upstairs to look around.. Ah well!

  2. Hello Criticalist! I went on a quiet afternoon so I was probably more privileged to enjoy choosing the seats throughout its cafe, including upper floorth! They might have closed it for special reservations etc! Pick non meal hours to do your work! :)

  3. hi criticalist & jovena! I encountered the same situation as Criticalist too on a Monday afternoon ard 3pm.. almost no wifi reception even though a lady is willing to provide me with e password :( ive consulted the male shop owner as well regarding access to the upper floor but he said there must at least be 15 people or more, bcos it is kind of difficult for him to take care of all the customers without his assistant around, so we were all (i came alone, & sat with 4 other customers) placed in the purplish bar-styled corner of the shop, which i felt there wasn't much tranquility or privacy to be felt on a quiet afternoon.. oh well. no more banana chocolate cake for me as well.. pretty much a wasted trip for me except the warm hospitality frm the lady owner/waitress :(

  4. Hi Shao Shiuan,

    Thank you for the information!
    I will update it on the post so people would know! Do you know why the banana chocolate cake was unavailable?

    That's kinda sad because the cake was really good!

    Hopefully they are able to open up the upper section soon!

  5. This cafe is closed. Went down yesterday and there was a notice that it was for lease. Went to the facebook page to check and yup, they have closed it. Please update, thanks!

  6. Hey Justin, thank you for letting us know! We are updating it right away!


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