#21 - SOHO Coffee @ Armenian Street {CLOSED}

*SOHO Coffee has ceased operations.*

Along a street hidden away from the city buzz, there lies SOHO Coffee, a sleek and quiet place suitable for lunch and work. Just a 10 minutes walk from City Hall MRT or across the street from SMU Business school, you will spot this nice little cafe on Armenian Street, opposite Substation or the crowd-pleaser Timbre.

This cafe offers affordable lunch sets and serves good coffee!

36 Armenian St #01-08
Singapore 179934
Tel: 6634 7977

Opening hours: 
Tue - Fri: 08:00 - 20:00
Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

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The Place

In such a small space, they are still able to house at least 10 seats with an orderly layout.

Using very common plastic chairs and square tables, they are still able to make the place a eye-pleasing one with the matching colour theme.

A coffee machine which looks attractive in the geeky way.

The Food

I took the set lunch, which includes a main and an Ice Lemon tea ($10.90, i think!)

It was called Kway Teow cha~ something, I can't really remember the spelling and i forgot to take a photo of the set lunch menu. It was actually kway teow wrapped in the omelette, and it tasted very much like Thai food. The minced meat was really tasty and was fragrant with spice. It was a very delicious dish as a whole and I gulped it all down!

My friend, Shara bought a Beef lasagne lunch set. On the first few mouthfuls, she said it was quite nice, but she got a little sick of it after finishing half. I can't take beef so I don't really know how it tasted like.

The ice lemon tea was pretty average.

One thing to highlight is that, the staff there are REALLY friendly and very meticulous! They pay a lot of attention to the customers and bring you the stuff you need without you even asking! I needed some serviette and without me even gesturing to them, they brought some to me!


On another trip, I tried their Creme Brulee Cafe Latte and it was good! The sweetness gave a good contrast to the strong coffee and it blended very well toegether.

The Menu


The best promotion is that, you can apply to be a fan at their cafe and you will enjoy 20% off the ala carte menu! Great promotions for cafe lovers!

The Companion

{ In a nutshell }

If you would like to have lunch in between work or enjoy a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle, this is where you should go! I have a good impression of the food and coffee and you might want to try the other items on the menu and comment which is good too!


  1. The place has changed quite a bit since this review was done. It now has a more up market feel and I think that the food is extremely value for money.

  2. Yeah Darren! I revisited the cafe again and here is the new review on it! new soho coffee

  3. The fabulous Soho Coffee has NOT ceased operations - it is just changing venues. The lease had expired and Peter Ow has located a bigger and better location! Stay tuned for what's next! In the meantime, Soho Coffee's Head Barista and unique coffee blend and roaster can be found at Letoile - 160 Owen Road Singapore 281953
    Tel: 62982872 Email: info@letoile.com.sg - See more at: http://letoile.com.sg Opening Hours
    Monday to Friday :
    11am to 10pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday :
    9am to 10pm


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