#24 - Broers Cafe @ Jalan Besar {Closed}

*Broers Cafe has ceased operations.*

Speaking of hidden cafes, Broers Cafe is probably one of the best hidden ones. It is located nearer to Jalan Besar Street though it falls in the area of Farrer Park. There is no convenient way to get there unless you know how to make your way to Jalan Besar Street.

With its little shop space hidden under a private apartment block, the cafe is a cosy hideout. It is definitely a good place for some serious mugging session, or some alone time.

No 3 Petain Road, Residences@Somme
Singapore 208108
Tel: 6295 5426

Opening hours: 
Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun: 10:00 - 20:00
Fri, Sat: 10:00 - 23:00
Tue: closed

Broers Cafe website
Broers Cafe Facebook

The Place

The interior is simple, but sadly, lacks the wow element. With a relatable story behind their coffee, I am sure they can do better than just square tables and typical chairs in a slanted layout.

Good effort in brightening up their boring white wall with two lines of photos.

They have 2 seats near the window, and of course it was taken up early as they are the only seats which offers a green view.

The Food

I was there for a mugging session so it was typical me to get the cheapest thing on the menu. And as usual, it will always be a scone.

It was a really good scone, I must say. The butter and grape jam went really well with the fragrant and not too sticky scone. You might think scones are the same everywhere, but I have tasted some really bad ones, so thumbs up for this one!

Sometimes, we shun cafes because of the perceived steep prices of the food, but if you are craving for a simple hangout at cafes, it will be a good choice to just pick the cheapest off the menu and spend an afternoon there. There is an additional thrill if that item happens to be good ;)

I also ordered a caramel blended coffee to keep me awake while burning the books. Many cafes offer just the basic range of coffee like iced latte, iced mocha and so on, and I was very glad to see the range of blended coffees in Broers Cafe. The drink turned out really nice, a very good mix of coffee fragrance and sweetness, something even a non-coffee drinker would appreciate.

The Menu


They don't really serve food there, but they do have some cakes and tarts.

{ In a nutshell }

Overall, Broers Cafe is a good cafe to go if you stay in the vicinity, but it lacks the factors which can potentially pull crowds from all over Singapore. Its good cup of coffee is still worth singing its praises!