#25: Selfish Gene @ Outram Park

Selfish Gene is the new kid round the block in cafe town, Outram Park/Tanjong Pagar area. They are located just units down from The Plain and it is barely a year old. It is well hidden from the noisy crowd, making it a peaceful place. The name is interesting and is sure to attract the attention of many.

40 Craig Road
Singapore 089678
Tel: 6423 1324

Opening hours: 
Mon, Wed - Sun: 10:00 - 18:00
Tue: closed

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The Place

It is spacious and simple, in match with its peaceful ambience. It is very simplistic and honest, just like how it is sincere in serving its food.

The Food

The cheapest sweet off the menu was Caramel Slice. The chocolate on the top layer is sweet and chocolaty. The sweetness is doubled (or tripled actually) with the layer of sticky caramel under it. The overall stickiness is neutralized by the floury biscuit crumbs which disintegrates immediately in your mouth.

The caramel layer is really sticky and tough but the sweetness made it a very good dessert for a sweet tooth like me.

I ordered a Carrot Cake for my boyfriend who likes only carrot cakes. The cake is very soft and the taste of cream cheese is just nice. The bits of walnuts also gives an extra kick to the texture. It's one of the better carrot cakes around!

They serve their desserts with an artistic touch, making it much more appealing than it is served plain.

As I wanted to try something different from average coffee, I picked Iced Chai Tea Latte. I was always very curious about Chai Tea because it's pretty new to the scene. On the first sip, I was really amazed at the rich flavour. On the next few, I realized the scent and taste of the spice is really very strong and it really tastes weird in a milky drink. Though I tried my best to appreciate, poor Chai did not get into my good books. This should be the last time I'm ever trying Chai again!

The Menu

The Companion

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{ In a nutshell }

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful place for some serious thinking or get some work done, Selfish Gene is the one! The decent desserts will get into anyone's good books and the friendly staff who is absolutely not selfish will make sure your stay is a pleasant one.

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