#27: Black Coffee Dessert Bar @ Somerset {CLOSED}

*Black at Somerset has ceased operations*

Along Somerset Road, you would notice a mini mall called TripleOne Somerset. With offices occupying most of the building, one might be surprised to find a vintage cafe at the first floorth. From the outside, Black Coffee Dessert Bar seems obscure and only if you take a close peek inside, then you would realize that a cool cafe lies behind the glass.

111 Somerset Road #01-13
TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164
Tel: 6733 1958

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 22:00
Sat, Sun, PH: 10:00 - 22:00

Black website
Black Facebook

The Place

Maybe it's just me, but the logo design and colour give a very modern and sleek feel to the brand, but with this branch at TripleOne, the vintage furbished interior seems to be incongruent with it.

One good thing about this cafe is that there is free wifi and powerplug, laptop-friendly!

The variety of seats also make it easy for one to choose according to their purpose of visit. Someone on a date with friends could pick the comfortable cushioned seats and someone who is here for mugging will find the normal table and chair conducive.

Branding aside, the retro furniture it has placed in the cafe makes it really unique!

The Food

It was hard for me to pick something off the menu because every kind of coffee offered was average and nothing really interest me. I wanted my usual chilled coffee so I picked Iced Mocha.

I've read about Black serving good coffee so I was quite disappointed when the coffee was nothing but average. The coffee isn't strong or exceptionally fragrant, something that seemed to be conveniently made out of a machine with little effort.

Maybe I should have picked drinks from the SHAKES or ICE BLENDED.

I really wanted to try this Valrhona Dark Chocolate Tart because it has a unique name and it looks delicious. Maybe i will visit and try it someday.

The Menu


{ In a nutshell }

The retro looking cafe hidden in a modern building seems to be interesting and one will feel happy choosing the different seats offered in the cafe. The cafe, however, lacks the ambience as it is not separated from the mall. It is hard for someone to imagine that he/she has been transported back in time! Also, the Iced Mocha is just average and not really worth trying. Other drinks and desserts seem to be more interesting and I will be back one day to change my opinion about Black!