#29: Dean & Deluca @ Somerset

I'd always believed that for cafes to achieve a nice dining ambience, it must be away from the city buzz and be hidden under a shophouse. I avoid the malls when i cafehop but Dean & Deluca is the one that broke my habit. Established in New York and new in Singapore, Dean & Deluca has brought a breath of fresh air to the cafe scene in Singapore. It's nothing like your quaint cafe down the street, but a modern stylish cafe with a huge variety of food to feed your hungry soul. Despite its pricey mains, I would still love to visit for its drinks and desserts.

181 Orchard Road
#04-23/24 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896 Tel: 6509 7708

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00 

Dean & Deluca Website
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The Place

I really like its interior, open concept with lots of space. The metal chairs can be cold so don't plonk into your chairs too quickly! The white black and silver colour combination is really easy for the eyes to digest. It is like we have a small part of New York in Singapore!

If you like to be away from the main dining crowd, you can have your lone seating space at the other stretch of the cafe. Yes it is really big!

They also have a grocery store selling items which are not common imports in Singapore.

Chocolates heaven!!

The Food

Marble Chocolate Shake with banana and vanilla biscuits was the bomb! It is extremely chocolaty but just thick enough to make you crave for more after each sip. Banana and vanilla biscuit has got to be the best pairing with this drink. The sweetness and refreshing taste of banana is left lingering after the chocolate leaves your tongue and the crispy bits of vanilla biscuit adds a really nice bite to the drink.

Another time I returned to Dean & Deluca, I tried a different mix with marshmallow and vanilla biscuit, introduced by the friendly staff. The marshmallow did not do such a good job as banana as the soft chewy bits was awkward with the drink.

I also had a Chocolate Chip Muffin served warm. The chocolate chips was nice and sticky and the muffin was a little crispy on the outside. Not particularly special but it is a good muffin.

On the third time I visited the cafe, I tried Mango Sticky Rice Shake which sticks out in the crowd. What ran through my mind was "you mean you can make that into a drink!?!?" Oh yes indeed, they can.
The taste is like a mango smoothie, with rough bits of rice and extra sweetness of the milk. I loved the taste on the first mouthful because it was strong and tasty but I got sick of the drink pretty quickly because of the overwhelming sweetness. The rice was also not that compatible with the drink I feel, just as how you would find the bits of rough ice in your ice blended coffee. It would be better if the rice was really sticky and would stay in your mouth to chew after you swallow the liquid!

The Red Velvet Cake was really awesome though! The salty cream and the soft sweet cake was a perfect match! It would be nicer if they tone down the saltiness a little though! Till now, I have yet figured out whether "Red Velvet" really has a taste to it and I have always assumed it is just a colour. I guess this assumption remains.

The Menu

{ In a nutshell }

I love Dean & Deluca for its spaciousness and modern design and the bright appearance of the place. There is some power plugs around if you want to do some work on your laptop. The friendly staff provides really good service and the price range is actually quite acceptable. There is a price for everyone, I say. The quality of food is also high and I would definitely be back to try different items on their appetizing menu!