#30: Real Food @ Somerset

Real Food is a cafe serving food made from organic ingredients, a place where you can enjoy eating while staying healthy. The interior is impressive and cosy, with a section for dining and gatherings and another section for some lone reading or quiet afternoon chats with friends. The price is affordable and it is worth visiting once in a while! Located just metres down Killiney Road (near Orchard Central), you will be glad to find this interesting cafe located at an otherwise boring building.

110 Killiney Road
Singapore 239549
T: +65 67379516

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 10am - 10pm (Last Order 930pm)
Real Food Grocer Website
Real Food Grocer Facebook

The Place

Real Food has a really big shopspace and they split the cafe into 2 sections. One half is more for dining and the other is more for chatting or reading.

Long dining tables suitable for groups.

The other section with sofa seats and low table, more for drinks and desserts rather than dining. I definitely love this section more because I am a fan of sofa seats. Perfect place for reading!

The Food

We are quite pleased to find an extensive menu despite it being an organic food restaurant. There are many things to choose from but they all sound really too healthy for young people like us. Time to eat healthy?

One of my friends ordered Organic Mushroom Aglio Olio. It was an ok aglio olio, not that spicy and mildly fragrant. The organic mushroom is really mushroomy.

I ordered a Genovese Pesto Pasta. I didn't really like the olives and the overall taste was very veggie-ish. Tasted really healthy but it lacked the saltiness and tastiness.

I think this was Kombu Soup. Can't remember much but it was really light.

My friend had a problematic Rise-n-shine Breakfast. She waited for the dish for a really long time and it was cold at the point of serving and the bread was hard. After requesting for it to be reheated, it came back 1 degree warmer and my friend ate it begrudgingly. Not something we would recommend if the standard of this dish is like this.

This was the STAR of the evening. Original Strawberries and Banana Pancake which was extremely tasty, sweet and fragrant. The pancake was soft and the drizzle of sweet maple syrup (i think) made the whole dish a perfect match. Even though the presentation could be prettier, we were forgiving for the taste is so awesome. Another item to add to my favourite food list!

The portion is quite small for its price though.

The Menu

The Companions

{ In a nutshell }

It is good to see a cafe promoting healthy eating by serving food made from purely organic ingredients. It is unique as there aren't many organic food restaurants or cafe around and it has proven that it is possible to make healthy food tasty. Though some of it dishes are not passable, as a whole I would say that the food is not bad, just that it is hard for youngsters like us who are used to fried food and more flavourful dishes to fully embrace the taste. Food aside, the cafe has a really nice cosy interior with many seats. Grab a book and head to this cafe, enjoy their awesome pancake and have a lovely afternoon there!

The grocery store.