#35: 1 Caramel @ Rochester Park

Photo credit: 1 Rochester Facebook

1 Caramel is under the same roof as 1 Rochester, which both belong to the same group. It is most famous for desserts and its fame has travelled far. Located in the midst of a park, it is surrounded by greens and the alfresco area is a beautiful place to dine under if not for a rainy day. 1 Caramel used to exist on the top storey of 1 Rochester, with its desserts kitchen and sitting area together. However, they have already closed up the sitting area but you could get the 1 Caramel desserts by dining at 1 Rochester.

One Rochester
No 1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212

Tel: 6773 0070

1 Caramel website
1 Caramel facebook

The Place

Because the area for 1 Caramel was closed, the only sitting area is at the first floorth which is mainly for dining. Hence the pairing of desserts and a boring restaurant design did not add any points to the experience. I was actually quite disappointed at how normal the first floorth look and I did not take a snapshot of it.

However, the alfresco area is really pretty and you should visit on a good weather day to experience dining under the sky!

I have a good impression of Pralines as they are smooth, thick, creamy and chocolatey. Would love to try this the next time I come back!

Famouse for their strawberry shortcake!!

The Food

After going through the menu we decided to go with a Valrhona Dark Chocolate Bomb. When served, it is a pretty perfect sphere made of chocolate and a warm berry compote (or sauce) is poured over the bomb and part of the chocolate melts to expose the hazelnut praline in the core. It was a surprising presentation which I have not seen elsewhere.

We dug in but my tastebud was disappointed! Personally I don't really like the sourness of berries and the sauce is really too sour for me. It overpowers the chocolate flavour as a whole and I tried my best to avoid all the berry sauce as I attempted the dessert.

I was mainly savouring the awesome hazelnut praline in the centre which is really sweet (warning to those who are not sweet toothed!).Next time I come back, Hazelnut Praline cake will be the one!

Since they are notoriously known for their fluffy strawberry shortcake, we decided to go with the crowd and ordered one. I love their presentation to a great extent! Pretty to eat.

So, the verdict is that, it is really extremely light and soft!!! The cake layer is almost non-existent once it  enters your mouth and it is so light you can have 2 or 3 slices at one go! The cream was just sweet, so it is really easy to eat this cake. However the pastry crust at the bottom was hard to cut and I felt that it did not add points to the taste of the strawberry shortcake! Maybe a slightly crispier layer could be used instead!

The Menu

For a clearer menu, you can refer to this link and this

{ In a nutshell }

1 Caramel definitely serves good quality desserts and its cakes are reasonably priced. You should at least try one of their desserts if you are there or you really haven't been to Rochester proper. However, the interior is really not what i like it to be as it is one which resembles an old-time English restaurant made of patterned tiles and rectangle tables. I would love to go back after they do something about it!