#37: Paris Baguette Cafe @ Orchard

Paris Baguette has traveled far, from nope, not Paris, but South Korea! It is a popular bakery with numerous outlets dotting all over Seoul. Ever since news about its arrival to Singapore spread, many people had gone ga-ga. One by one, they flocked to this cafe, reason being it is "Korean". The hallyu wave is sure powerful. Being a hallyu fan myself, I finally got to check this place out and I was pleasantly surprised by its comfortable interior and amazing spread of breads and cakes!

435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria
Tel: 68362010

Opening Hours:
Daily 10:00 - 22:00

The Place

It occupies quite a big area of Level 2 in Wisma Atria, with a huge food display and kitchen in the center of the cafe.

There are at least 40 seats I think, but it is almost fully packed all day on Sunday! You don't have to wait long though, as people come and go pretty quickly.

I like how they tried to play up the interior with expensive looking armchairs and granite (seemingly) table tops, so as to fit with the lifestyle of shoppers in Orchard.

Even though the furniture used are nice, the messy arrangement of it all has marginalized the good about it. I guess they can't do much about it since they can't even handle the crowd at the counter.

So what is attracting the crowd to Paris Baguette, I wonder!

Is it this variety of cakes?

Or Sweet Potato/"Goguma" Cake (made famous by Goguma couple in We Got Married)?

Or the really funny looking cake named after Haha from Running Man?


The Food

So after browsing through the display, my friend and I decided to try a Royal Pudding.

The white part is some what like a semi-solid milk. Texture is smooth like beancurd or pudding, but really liquidy as you poke through with a spoon. You have to dig all the way to the bottom to get to the caramel syrup (it could be maple syrup... or just other sweet syrup. I have no idea. haha). As I slurp it together with the milk layer, I was overcomed by a happy sensation and the whole dessert just melted on my tongue. It was so so good! It is really sweet and one is really not enough!

I'm coming back for you again!!

As for the bread, we ordered a UFO!

It is made up of sweet and slightly crispy corners, really nice. The dome in the center is filled with custard, but it isn't that sweet. Somehow, a light scent of yeast is also released when the soft custard is being chewed.

The Menu

Royal Pudding was about $4++
UFO was about $2++

{ In a nutshell }

Whether Paris Baguette has lived up to the ravings, I am not sure. However, I really liked the two items I tried and I would definitely revisit to have the amazing Royal Pudding again! The interior of the cafe is definitely above average, and it is suitable for families and big groups to visit! However, if you prefer a quiet ambience, be there just when it opens to avoid the breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper crowd!

P.S.: Just an extra point, there isn't an official website or facebook page set up for this cafe, so that means no advertising or marketing! It is popular purely through word of mouth and probably through its strategic location as well!


  1. Have visited the place last week when the crowd is smaller. I love the food and drinks there. But the service is really unacceptable (luckily there was no service charge).

    Pls check out my review @ http://musings-of-a-rabbit.blogspot.sg/2014/01/paris-baguette-wisma-atria-nice.html soon :)


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