#38: Pique Nique @ Orchard

Pique Nique is one of the rare beautifully furnished cafe to be situated right in the centre of a busy mall. It is perpetually crowded and there's no end to the incoming patrons. This variety of food and desserts make customers spoilt for choice. The taste of the food is pretty awesome here too!

Takashimaya #B1-01/02
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873
Tel: 62386705

Opening Hours:
Daily 12:00 - 22:00
Pique Nique website
Pique Nique facebook

The Place

Besides the pillar right in the centre which makes the interior awkward, the furniture used and the design are quite matching.

Window seat, only if it faces a pretty scenery outside... Finger lickin' good is just not it..

The Food

I ordered a Croque Madame Cajun. It is made up of toasts with chicken in the centre, semi raw eggs on top with fries and salad at the side. I really love the entire taste of the toast with chicken and egg! The chicken is nice and flavourful and the toast is crispy! Even though I don't like semi-raw eggs usually, it melted into the toast very well, making the entire taste very wholesome. It was a very nice dish from the start to the end!

The fries were also crispy and tasted like potato. However, the underperforming salad did not impress!

My friend Grace ordered a Swiss Shrooms Burger. She said that the beef is too dry and could afford to be a little more moist. The taste was nothing exceptional, she said.

With such a tempting display of desserts, we couldn't help but order one for ourselves! We chose one of the most elegant looking one, which happened to be Lemon Chiffon Mousse.

It is really pretty so we took many photos of it before we dug in.

The sponge cake layer was soft and nice, but the lemoney taste was too strong and sour. The small amount of sweet cream in the content wasn't able to neutralize the acidity. Also, this small thing was a little pricey!

We made good use of our money by shooting endless shots. hehe.

On another occasion, I also bought some of its confectionary! The best tasting out of all the Macaroons has got to be salted caramel! However, I still think a certain *ahem* dominant brand for macaroon still sells the best ones in town.

The meringue is a little too powdery for my liking. It wasn't crispy enough too.

The Menu


The Companion

{ In a nutshell }

I really like Pique Nique because of its interior and delicious food. It is somewhere I would go with a noisy clique for a fun catch up on our lives! It is, however, noisy and packed most of the time so avoid it if you are looking for a place for reading and silence! Would be missing the Croque Madame!

Well designed menu with clear, enticing descriptions!

Ugly table number tags! :(

Its galore of cakes and sweets!

Ok ok I believe you aren't.