#41: Fullhouse @ Dhoby Ghaut {CLOSED}

*Fullhouse has ceased operations*

After Rendezvous hotel had a makeover, the Malaysian based cafe Fullhouse moved in, making its first footprint in Singapore. It's been almost a year and I had been dying to try it out. I know that the interior is extremely nice but I have yet seen it for myself till this day! I was not disappointed at all. The cafe is really spacious and can hold a huge capacity. The white themed interior is very attractive and delighting. The food served here is also of good quality!

9 Bras Basah Road, Rendezvous Hotel
Singapore 189559
Tel 6336 6328

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00

Fullhouse website
Fullhouse facebook

The Place

 photo P1170058.jpg

 photo P1170057.jpg

 photo P1170056.jpg

 photo P1170071.jpg

This cafe is special because it has the concept of "somebody's house" and the characters are the cartoon pictorials of the Fullhouse family. There are different areas designated for each character so you can find a walk in wardrobe, which is also the retail store, and a bedroom in the cafe. This is definitely original.

 photo P1170050.jpg

 photo P1170049.jpg

 photo P1170047.jpg

 photo P1170045.jpg

 photo P1170021.jpg

 photo P1170023.jpg

 photo P1170072.jpg

 photo P1170073.jpg

 photo P1170078.jpg

 photo P1170076.jpg

 photo P1170054.jpg

Some of the seats are really cozy and segmented away from the diner crowd, which makes it suitable for couples and small cliques. It is usually quite quiet during the afternoon so step in there if you want to experience a quiet nice ambience.

The Food

 photo P1170063.jpg

 photo P1170061.jpg

 photo P1170064.jpg

 I tried the Pan-sear Dory Fish. Two thumbs up for the pretty presentation. The fish was fresh and soft and the lime flavoured cream was really unique. It went pretty well together. The mushroom and mash potato below the fish was also good. No points for the veggie at the bottom though! The pricing is quite fair for such a good combination of quality ingredients on the dish.

 photo P1170027.jpg

 photo P1170025.jpg

My friends all ordered Caesar salad set lunch. I am not a fan of Caesar salad so I feel that the dish is quite average. The salmon is nice and huge in proportion too!

The Menu

 photo P1170035.jpg  photo P1170034.jpg  photo P1170036.jpg  photo P1170038.jpg  photo P1170031.jpg  photo P1170037.jpg  photo P1170040.jpg  photo P1170039.jpg  photo P1170032.jpg  photo P1170033.jpg

The Companions

 photo P1170080.jpg  photo P1170067.jpg  photo P1170066.jpg

{ In a nutshell }

In conclusion, I would recommend Fullhouse as a must-visit for its ambience and nice interior! I can't promise that all the food is good but because there's so much to choose from, the chance of getting something decent is quite high! It makes a really good place for special occasions, such as birthday or Valentine's Day so make your date soon!


  1. Hi, I noticed tht the heading of ur post is stated as {closed}, does it mean that fullhouse cafe is closed?
    I tried calling in for a reservation but they're not available..

  2. Hi there,

    Yes, we just updated that they have ceased operations!

    Sad to disappoint you!

  3. when you open the shop?

  4. For your information, we were supposed to have our solemisation end April. We were due to make deposit and slightly more than a month before, I had to dig and find out from myself that they have defaulted. The manager we met did not even have decency to inform me. What if I had made a deposit prior?

    With the new outlet called Fullhouse Signature at Clarke Quay, I wonder if it is the same management. Just be careful if you want to host any events there.


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