#45: Creamier @ Braddell

I am so excited to share about Creamier! After discovering it over Facebook, I immediately planned a trip when I saw a day which I would be in the area! It is hidden in the Toa Payoh estate, but actually much closer to Braddell MRT. It took me a while to figure out the directions there, but all that effort was worth it! The lovely cafe serves delicious ice cream and coffee. This could be one of the best places for some indulgence in solitude, if you know how to pick the timing (try 3-4pm!)!

Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Blk 128 #01-835
Singapore 310128
Tel: 6250 1476

Opening Hours:
Tue - Thu: 12:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 23:00
Sun: 12:00 - 22:00

Creamier website
Creamier facebook

The Place

Creamier is hidden in a very typical heartland neighbourhood close to Braddell. It might be hard for you to find it at first, but with the help of google map and a good sense of direction, you would end up at the right place eventually! The beauty of this cafe is really its location. It is away from the city buzz, in a serene neighbourhood.

 photo P1170375.jpg
I absolutely love its interior. It's artsy yet simple.

 photo P1170388.jpg

 photo P1170377.jpg

 photo P1170365.jpg

 photo P1170372.jpg
Love the window view overlooking the playground.. It's not exaggerating to say that "time stands still" when you walk into this place.

 photo P1170368.jpg

 photo P1170362.jpg
What was really enjoyable was to see different groups of people, especially kids, coming in with big smiles stamped on their faces. Witnessing the joy of these people picking their ice cream makes me happy too.

 photo P1170385.jpg

 photo P1170378.jpg
They sell handcrafted ice cream and I promise you that you would be able to find at least 3 flavours which are awesome and which you will find it difficult to make a decision on!

 photo P1170379.jpg
Out of so many that I tried, I really liked Roasted Pistachio because of the immediate explosion of nutty flavour as it enters my mouth! Super fragrant and delicious!

Some other flavours worth trying would be Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Earl Grey!

The Food

 photo P1170402.jpg
I ordered a Cafe Latte which only cost $4, the cheapest latte out of all the hunts so far. It was pleasant and mild.

 photo P1170406.jpg

 photo P1170396.jpg
After love at first taste with the Pistachio ice cream, I ordered it together with the waffle. The waffle was adequately crispy and not too hard. The chocolate and caramel sauce went really well with it but sadly to say, the nutty flavoured ice cream did not work perfectly with the waffle! I would recommend you to order the sweeter, creamier flavours with the waffle!

 photo P1170394.jpg
I really love the presentation! Delicious for both the eyes and tongue.

 photo P1170391.jpg

The Menu

 photo P1170381.jpg

{ In a nutshell }

I have fallen in love with Creamier and I am sure you would too! You are really lucky if you stay in the area, but if you are not, you should really plan a trip down soon! This would be the best place if you need some peace, comfort and solitude. The prices are so friendly it would be worth it to try everything! It is also a photogenic place if you are looking for picture-worthy experience! 

Instagram Photos

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 photo IMG_20130125_195809.jpg

 photo IMG_20130125_164024.jpg

 photo IMG_20130125_153640.jpg


  1. the tags alonetime, for study, quiet need to be rerated. maybe creamier was like this, but not now. i live nearby, and have been there almost 10 times. it is at best, half full. but, because its a small place, it isnt quiet nor peaceful.

  2. Hey Minhwa, definitely agree with you. I have made changes to the tags! We will soon be reorganizing our tags along with the upgrade in the website, please be patient!

  3. didnt mean to sound impatient. just a feedback. this site has been a good tool, just wanted to help improve it. thank you for the good work :)

  4. Love your site, and the fact that you have beautiful pics and most importantly THE MENU, which so many sites don't include! I'm bookmarking you girl!


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