#49: Symmetry @ Lavender

Symmetry is an extremely Indie-looking cafe located in between Lavender and Bugis, just opposite Santa Grand Hotel. This place is so indie I can't emphasize how much I love it. Most of the cafes I have been to so far are usually Aussie style, white-themed, or just unique in their own ways. Those are good of course, but it's really fresh to me to meet such an indie cafe. I can't wait to tell you more about it so read on!

9 Jalan Kubor
Singapore 199206
Tel: 6291 9901

Opening Hours:
Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 00:00
Sun: 11:00 - 19:00

Symmetry website
Symmetry facebook

The Place

 photo P1170516.jpg
When you hit this small lane along Kallang road, you will be greeted by a really indie (omg we need more verbs for "indie"!) shopfront. The voodoo couple sitting in front of the door makes you feel totally welcomed.

 photo P1170519.jpg

 photo P1170525.jpg

 photo P1170523.jpg

 photo P1170520.jpg
The interior is really nicely furnished. They made every single piece come together in such unison to create a foreign indie feel. The art pieces chosen also showed off the consistency in the character of this cafe.

 photo P1170522.jpg

 photo P1170532.jpg

 photo P1170544.jpg

 photo P1170546.jpg

 photo P1170543.jpg

 photo P1170528.jpg
The music playing the background are also contemporary and not mainstream (trying my best to avoid reusing "indie"). I would believe that the character of the cafe is a replicate of the cafepreneur's personality. I really admire those who dreams, and make their dreams come true.

 photo P1170518.jpg
I urge you to really come on a quiet afternoon and you will get the thrill of the experience I have had..

The Food

 photo P1170537.jpg
I ordered a Chocolate Crunch Milkshake. I was so surprised by the presentation. The glass is pretty cute, but what amazes me was the straw! It's such a creative piece of utensil! The straw is made of metal, really skinny like a tiny holo metal pole with a flat mini plate at the end of the straw for stirring purposes.

 photo P1170540.jpg

 photo P1170538.jpg
The taste is really chocolatey, thick and sufficiently sweet. A delightful drink!

 photo P1170539.jpg
I didn't pick anything else to munch on because... it is really quite pricey here. Trust me, I will be back here as soon as I have got a looser pocket.

 photo P1170551.jpg
I must really commend the staff for being so awesome on their service. I was there for quite a few hours but I only ordered a drink. After I was done, they took care of my glass of ice water pretty well and even offered free grapes for me to bite on! Where to find a cafe as generous and warm-hearted as such! Many thumbs up for this, really appreciate them for such gestures!

The Menu

 photo P1170508.jpg  photo P1170509.jpg  photo P1170510.jpg
   photo P1170511.jpg  photo P1170512.jpg

They also made sure their menu was in fit with their style! Symmetry, lines, pencil markings. Loved it.

{ In a nutshell }

What more can I say, you can tell I am totally in love :) I would really recommend you to visit here at least once if you are the kind who really likes unique cafes - Symmetry stands out sooo much. They have a good variety of drinks and food so it could be a very nice place to hang out in the evening as well!

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 photo IMG_20130207_150936.jpg


  1. Ooo this place looks fantastic! :) haven't been to many cafes at the Lavender area but am searching for one to go after renewing my passport at the immigration centre lol. Thanks for the recommendation!


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