#51: The Coffee Shot @ Jalan Besar

This cafe popped up along Lavender Street out of the blue. I was quite surprised to have noticed it on the bus and that was during its prelaunch period. Soon I made a visit down to check it out. The cafe is spacious and decorated in a very classic style. They provide a good selection of coffee drinks. You would be happy to know that it is also a tax-free cafe which provides great service and free wifi too!

103 Lavender Street
Singapore 338725
Tel: 62995909

Opening hours:
Tue - Sat: 11:00 - 23:00
Sun: 08:00 - 20:00

The Coffee Shot facebook

The Place

 photo P1170741.jpg

 photo P1170740.jpg
Since I have seen so many cafes which have intricate interior, I wasn't awed by the appearance of this cafe. Nonetheless, it was a still a good place for chilling out or even, doing some work. It is pretty empty most of the time on a weekday but I foresee bigger crowds going there, especially on weekend brunch time!

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 photo P1170735.jpg

The Food

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 photo P1170748.jpg
The name of this cake sounds delicious - Royal Chocolate Truffle. On the first mouthful, it was indeed chocolatey and tasty but eventually I got pretty sick eating it due to its stickiness. I believe this would be better for sharing.

 photo P1170747.jpg
This is Butterscotch Frappe. Frappes are not common in indie cafe and I haven't seen much around, except in probably Broers Cafe and Orange Thimble. I liked the taste as it was sweet and flavourful, and the shot of coffee in it was strong enough.

 photo P1170744.jpg

 photo IMG_20130305_225520.jpg
I also ordered a Cafe Latte on another occasion and it was quite decent, but I wouldn't say it was the best I have tried.

The Menu

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The Companions


{ In a nutshell }

Even though The Coffee Shot pales in comparison in its interior, it can fall back on its good selection of  coffee drinks and quiet ambience. Head down to this cafe if you want a quiet time with yourself or your partner!

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  1. Many thanks for a wonderful review. Been here a few weeks back, at night on a weekend and it was half packed at about 9-10pm (I think!). There's another crowd it draws ... there's a well known company where the visitors tend to be rather, sombre. (Singapore C***et) Downside of this place - parking can be hard to find in the evenings, but it's at least free when you do find a lot!

  2. Hello Criticalist! Thanks for the info! Im sure it will be useful to those who drives!
    And about that "another crowd" - i get what u mean. haha


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