We hit 1000 likes!

Thanks to all you cafe lovers and hoppers, we have hit 1000 likes on our Facebook page! Since the launch of Cafehoppingsg in December 2012, our audience has grown significantly and it is to my pleasure to know so many cafe lovers exist!

I would like to thank you for reading the cafe reviews on this blog and I am very happy to share my cafe experience with all of you. Special thanks to the fans who have given me encouragements and positive feedback and I am very appreciative of that! I look forward to more feedback from you (you can submit them here)!

If you love cafes and wish that one day Singapore would have a cafe culture as strong as that in Europe, Australia and Korea, pass the word on about new cafes and be excited to share them with your friends! Let them know about "Cafe Hopping" as a hobby and urge them to slow down their pace of life and enjoy those quiet moments in a beautiful hidden cafe. You could also invite them to read this blog and follow us on Facebook so they could know more about cafes in Singapore!

Spreading the love for cafes makes me happy!

Keep hopping~

p.s.: Happy Labour Day and Mayday!


  1. Hi, which cafe is in your cover pic in the screencap? :)

  2. Hello! Sorry for late reply! but that cafe lies in Seoul, not Singapore :(


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