#55: D' Good Cafe @ Holland Village

D' Good Cafe might not sound interesting on the first time you hear it, but a picture of this beautiful multi-storey cafe would draw you to it immediately. Located at the happening Holland V, D' Good Cafe is a peaceful space away from the bustle and noise. You can indulge in coffee, desserts as well as all-day breakfast and a selective range of mains here. I am sure you would be as fascinated as me with the swing that faces the full length glass window, overlooking the busy street.

273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02
Singapore 278992
Tel: 62199807

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 23:00
Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

D' Good Cafe website
D' Good Cafe facebook

The Place

The cafe is tucked away on the second and third level of the shophouse (along the row with Starbucks and just opposite the new bistro, Park). With a really cool lift that brings you to its door, you would be greeted by a really cosy interior.

 photo P1170873.jpg

 photo P1170908.jpg
If you have the chance, you might like to take your date onto the swing, and enjoy small chats over sweet coffee and desserts.

 photo P1170882.jpg
The counter and friendly staff are located away from the seating area, so there are little interactions most of the time. You could be as independent and carefree as you want in the cafe, so hold back any complaints about the lack of service.

 photo P1170883.jpg
It's really homely with all the sweet setup - bicycle, flowers and boards of patrons' smiley pictures.

 photo P1170892.jpg
The cutely designed stairway will lead you up to the quieter environment on the third level.

 photo P1170889.jpg
This is where you would find diligent students digging into their books in silence. This is a really conducive place if you are in need of a quiet environment to prepare for your exams.

 photo P1170890.jpg

 photo P1170884.jpg
The rooftop alfresco was what gave me the biggest surprise of all! Where else can you find such a romantic dining area, with flowers dangling down the sides and an open roof? Just imagine how it will look like in the evening!

 photo P1170887.jpg
I really liked how D'Good cafe has cleverly made use of its space to create a versatile ambience and environment, suitable for everyone - friends, couples and students!

The Food

 photo P1170894.jpg
If you come at 2 pm in the afternoon, you would be happy to find the teatime set at extremely affordable prices.

 photo P1170896.jpg
When I was near the counter, the roasting of the coffee was so strong it burnt my eyes. The result of the roasting returned a good cup of Cafe Latte. Their latte art was exceptional as well! Cute coffee makes my day.

 photo P1170898.jpg

 photo P1170902.jpg
I don't remember the exact name, but it was a Brownie Cheesecake. The brownie mixed well with the taste of cheese and it was wiped out in a minute. The decorative toppings were unnecessary "accessories" on the cake though.

 photo P1170907.jpg
The friend who came with me had a serving of Waffle and Vanilla Beans ice cream. The ice cream was very much to my liking and the waffle was passable.

The Menu

 photo P1170878.jpg  photo P1170879.jpg

Tax-free! Wifi and power plugs for laptops are available too!

{ In a nutshell }

I really liked D' Good Cafe because it has so much room and it's suitable for any occasions! I could laze away on the sofa, chill on the swing over a cuppa, dine romantically with my special one, or have a serious date with my books. There is enough on the menu to choose from and the ice-blended coffee would be on my wishlist till the next time!
Visit D' Good for an exceptional cafe experience :)!

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  1. Hello!

    Do they charge an extra fee for the latte art? :)

  2. I am thinking of bringing my date here for dinner, but am torn between the cute swings and the romantic alfresco area. Any kind advice? Will the area with the swings will be crowded on a weekday night?

  3. Hello adoraadress! We wouldn't be confident to say that the swings would be crowded on a weekday night, but maybe you could ring the cafe up and request for that particular seat? :) Wish you all the best for your date!


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