#58: Jimmy Monkey @ One North

Jimmy Monkey is another senior in this cafe industry. It has been known for its delicious brunch and coffee. The cafe lives up its name, the staff are as mischievous and somewhat, wild, as the Monkey in its name. Given its secret location, it does take a lot of curiosity to hunt this cafe down, but you would be rewarded with a delicious meal if you persevere. They aren't exactly the cheapest around, neither are they extremely unique, but their quirkiness and seriousness in its food would leave a lasting impression in your mind.

9 One-north gateway #01-51
One-north residences
Singapore 138643
Tel: 6777 8470

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 20:30
Sat - Sun: 08:30 - 18:00

Jimmy Monkey website
Jimmy Monkey facebook

The Place

 photo P1180030.jpg
The interior was rather cool and dark. I wouldn't call it indie, neither was it homely. It had the vibe of an "underground" cafe, if you know what I mean.

 photo P1180028.jpg
The design of the cafe is somewhat rugged, with bare concrete walls exposed and really  interesting decorations around, such as, a toilet bowl on the ceiling.

 photo P1180029.jpg

 photo P1180032.jpg

The Food

 photo P1180004.jpg
The Cafe Latte was roasty, but it tasted a little too bitter for my liking.

 photo P1180008.jpg
They use the cutest cockery, stamped with their signature Monkey escort.

 photo P1180019.jpg
I had a Miss Bentine, which was the alternate version of (Mr) Egg Benedict. It was really delicious, fragrant and impressive. As a fan of eggs and bacon, I must say, they pleased me very much with this dish.

 photo P1180022.jpg

 photo P1180012.jpg
My friend ordered Spaghetti with Sauteed Mushroom. It was rather tasty and there was nothing to pick on.

The Menu

 photo P1180001.jpg

The Companions

 photo P1180034.jpg  photo P1180035.jpg

{ In a nutshell }

Overall, Jimmy Monkey is a good find, though it is pretty tedious to get there. I would second its Miss Bentine for one of the best eggs benedict around and the other dishes were decent enough to get pass. However, there's a lot of inertia to go back there because it's so far out! It is a good hideout for those who have the convenience of a car.

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  1. You know what's great about this place? You have to go up to the counter to order and pay and they add a service charge for the privilege.

  2. i wasnt so impressed with their service, but its true, the food was damn good, i was there for dinner with my friends and my friends ordered some chicken with sauteed mushrooms and it was heavenly. the coffee was good too, try their affogato, it is awesomely out of this world~


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