#61: Relational Goods @ Joo Chiat {Closed}

*This cafe is in the process of moving, current store has ceased operations!*
Relational Goods has quickly become my new favourite after the first visit. The same owners behind Group Therapy has decided to open a second store in the cosy neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. The breakfast food here is insanely delicious and it is the kind that would make you go "Shut up and take my money!". Its sumptuous dishes are more friendly-priced and the interior is also cuter than Group Therapy. A pity is that it has recently converted to a retail and take-away store so dine-ins are no longer available. It might be hard to locate the cafe in this bungalow maze, but you could take reference to the famous Fei Fei Wanton Mee as it is right behind it!

29 Everitt Road
Singapore 428576
Tel: 6440 4282

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun: 09:00 - 18:00

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The Place

 photo P1180519.jpg

 photo P1180520.jpg

 photo P1180521.jpg
The design of the interior and colour mix has came together very well to give a semi-retro yet modern kind of appearance. It is family friendly, so you might not like it if you have a phobia of wailing babies. It probably doesn't matter as much now since it is a take-away cafe.

 photo P1180522.jpg

 photo P1180524.jpg

 photo P1180534.jpg
This bench left us puzzled as it is incomplete and we were debating over whether it was intentional or just, a leftover work undone. Though it arouses curiosity, it is quite hazardous from how I see it!

 photo P1180528.jpg

 photo P1180531.jpg

The Food

 photo P1180535.jpg

 photo P1180537.jpg
We ordered some coffee to start off our brunch and sadly, we weren't very impressed with the latte art! I believe that regular cafe goers like us must be really spoilt by pretty and almost-perfect latte artpieces and it is hard to please us with anything less than that. Otherwise, the taste was good and it definitely gave a good fight back with its fragrance and taste.

 photo P1180539.jpg

 photo P1180555.jpg
My order was Honey Mustard Roast Chicken on a Wholemeal bun. The taste was so good! The sourness and savoury taste of the chicken went really well with the toasted fragrant soft bun. It was heavenly.

 photo P1180543.jpg
My friends had the Thick toast with Smoke Salmon and Poached Eggs. This was really yummy and everything was done perfectly. The poached eggs came flowy as expected and the taste of the hollandaise sauce was good!

 photo P1180540.jpg
The scone was nice and sweet, crumbles when cut and soft when savoured.

 photo P1180542.jpg
The pecan pie wasn't really that impressive as it was dry and rather boring to eat.

 photo P1180547.jpg
It was one of the best brunch I had at Relational Goods!

The Menu

 photo P1180529.jpg

 photo DSC_1040.jpg  photo DSC_1039.jpg  photo DSC_1038.jpg

The Companions

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{ In a nutshell }

I would definitely recommend you to try Relational Goods though you are no longer able to dine in. The breakfast here is extremely satisfying and it would make your trip worth it. Good fortune to all the residents nearby who could pack their wholesome food home and enjoy good Relations with the friendly staff here.

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  1. the menu looks quite similar to Group Therapy. But it does look like a nice place. I actually quite love the unfinished bench.

  2. This cafe is open again? Visited once but they only serve takeaway coffee due to license issues.

  3. Hi

    For nice latte art, you might want to head down to the café, Just Want Coffee, at Everton Park.



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