#64: Lola's Cafe @ Kovan

While the Westies could be happy with the cluster of cafes popping up in the West, finally Lola's Cafe is here to brighten the North-easties' day. Relatively there aren't as many cafes on the North East line except Boon Keng (remotely North East and more Central) which has many cafes populating the Jalan Besar area. Without having to travel to far out, you could enjoy decent coffee and a good brunch menu at Lola's cafe.

5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893
Tel: 6343 1808

Opening hours:
Tue: 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Wed - Thu: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm

Lola's Cafe website
Lola's Cafe facebook

The Place

 photo P1180820.jpg
The interior of Lola's Cafe is said to be a mix of industrial & vintage which was quite an apt description. The walls are painted a rustic shade of grey but the furniture used are made from recycled sewing machines, which was rather cool at the first sight.

 photo P1180800.jpg

 photo P1180795.jpg
The chairs were pretty cool.. until I sat on it. It was funny how the tables were way too high for these chairs which adjustable knobs were spoilt. It became more for decorative purpose but I believe the area has been modified to something else now.

 photo P1180797.jpg
Generally the design of the place wasn't too fancy but it was quite a comfortable place to enjoy brunch and coffee.

The Food

 photo P1180804.jpg
The Cafe Latte was quite tasty and up to standard. I usually enjoy coffee which doesn't have a bitter after taste and whch has a roasty fragrance and this cup satisfied both.

 photo P1180810.jpg
I was craving for a big breakfast so I chose Lola's Monty Big Breakfast. Even though it doesn't look that generous on the picture, it was rather filling! The smoke bratwurst was really delicious and the bacon was tinged with a little sweetness. Everything on the plate was satisfying and I enjoyed the brunch very much.

 photo P1180816.jpg

The Menu

 photo DSC_1277.jpg  photo DSC_1278.jpg 

The Companion

 photo P1180818.jpg

{ In a nutshell }

On a whole, Lola's Cafe is a pleasant place which serves very decent coffee and brunch. The prices for the coffee is wallet-friendly too. For this, it has attracted its fair share of regulars. As it has limited seats, you could be met with a crowd on your visit. I would advise you to make a call to the friendly bosses before going down to check for seats. Happy hopping, North-easties!

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